We thought that reason had mastered men,That peace of the world was lord, That never the roll of the drum again Should quicken the thirsty sword— But our bubble broke with a sudden blow, And we heard like the trumpet’s din That levelled the walls of Jericho— The old stern cry—”FALL IN!”

We were numb, amazed, we were sick and dazed With a horror past belief. Silent we stood while Belgium blazed In her martyr’s glory of grief. Then it came so near that we needs must hear, For the cry of our murdered kin Drove in our heart like a searching spear The call of the hour—”FALL IN!”

Not in the flush of a barren thrill Do we come to our deed at last. We have weighed our will, we must do our will, For the doubting-time is past. We have faced our souls in the sleepless night, And what shall we fear but sin? Not for love of the fight, but for love of the right, In the name of our God—”FALL IN

The Veteran 1934 Vol 10 #1 (Oct)
Official Organ of the GWVA of Newfoundland.

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