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Sheltering in Place Day 1 - SudburyMatt.com

Sheltering in Place Day 1

So Day one has come and gone. We had some fun this morning, it was our final walk-through of the house we bought. The kids had a blast especially the toddlers. The just loved being able to run around and explore.

As it’s a weekend the kids are pretty much on their own as usual. They do the usual kid stuff. Playing with toys and fighting with each other. We’ve found some online resources that’s going to make the lost school time not so wasted. Scholastic has created an online learning tool with course material for 20 days. Google has partnered with several museums to provide Virtual Tours. We will probably do a museum every other day. We plan on using our Smart TV’s for this. Especially the 4k UHD one.

We have limited the snacks that our kids can have. We did this for a few reasons. Mainly it’s for their health. We have enough to last us the next few weeks without rationing. But since they will be home and less physically active. It’s better for their health.

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