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Sheltering in Place Day 2 - SudburyMatt.com

Sheltering in Place Day 2

What a day today was. Up at a decent time, the kids were all up a bit earlier but everyone was getting along so we stole a little extra time. Kid’s grandparents showed up at 10am. They were going to watch the kids so momma and me could go and continue the monumentous task of packing our old house.

We were out the door by 10:30 and on our way. We spent the day packing, and the kids got some good quality time with their grandparents. Win win all around.

Our evening was simple, the kids did their kid thing. We rested after packing all day. We ate supper as a family, bathed the youngest 2 and started the regular bedtime routine.

Tomorrow homeschooling begins. We have a loose plan that we will firm up as things go. For now our priority is to keep some semblance of learning and routine while we coordinate our move.

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