Sheltering in Place Day 3

Sheltering in Place Day 3

Here we are now, day 3 of being couped up with the kids. The Mrs. went to the house to pack while I stayed home with our little ones (and not so little ones). With breakfast out of the way and then some leisure time it was time for round one of home schooling.

Our 8 year old, who’s in grade 3 has a whole duotang full of activities for him to do. And we started on that. Our oldest who’s in grade 6, didn’t seem to have anything. She had two assignments to do and she worked on those. It’s a good thing we are somewhat prepared. Tomorrow will be slightly different. Bit of a learning curve for old dad here.

After some schoolwork I let them have some more leisure time while I warmed up the oven for lunch. Meanwhile, the twins (who are 2.5 yrs old) were tearing up the place. They are used to the high tempo of their daycare and the slower pace of being at home is leaving them plenty of room to be mischievous. But that’s alright, they’re just being kids.

The evening was the same as usual, supper, clean up and then bedtime routines. Things are pretty normal here, or at least as normal as we can make it.

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