The Darkness

The Darkness Surrounds me,The Light is all gone now
A Loud Bang is Heard as a door is slammed shut
The feelings of loss and despair engulf as the opportunity for
redemption slips away.

Popping the Bubble

Us Veterans and Military Personal can sometimes live in our own little bubble. We are indoctrinated to honor and be loyal to our brothers and sisters no matter what, even above ourselves and families. Sometimes we can even come across as self entitled.


We thought that reason had mastered men,That peace of the world was lord, That never…

Downtown Troubles

The core of our city is dying, some might even say that it is actually dead. If you are not employed by a bank, a level of government, are a lawyer or in health care there really is not any compelling reason to go there.

Is Free Speech Under Attack

Recently I posted a very general blog about how free speech has come under attack and I also referenced a video from the US House of Representatives where, one of several people of standing, was giving his testimony. I have since been challenged to provide proof.

Austerity vs Deficit vs Common Sense

A recent article on the Toronto Sun website by former NDP Staffer Tom Parkin, is titled “Austerity isn’t a fix for Canada’s Debt Problems”(15 January). In it he cites Canada’s slagging GDP is a result of a decrease in the available workforce. I am not sure where he lives, but lack of available workforce is not the problem here. Lack of good paying jobs is. Even not so good paying jobs are at a premium. It is definitely an employers market out there.

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