I Want to go Back

The babies are down for a nap, the older ones gone to school, my spouse is gone to work to earn the money I cannot. On the television YouTube is playing a random play list based on Five Finger Death Punch. Images of Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan flash by.

Journey with Epilepsy Part 2

I awaken to the loud drone of the C-17 Globemaster Cargo Plane. Only a few inches from my face is the black meshy bottom of another NATO stretcher. It is not dark, but he lights are dim. The loud hum of the engines echo through my ears and body a steady drone.


I have been a Failure
I have been a Failure at being a Man
I have been a Failure at being a Friend
I have been a Failure at being a Spouse

The Darkness

The Darkness Surrounds me,The Light is all gone now
A Loud Bang is Heard as a door is slammed shut
The feelings of loss and despair engulf as the opportunity for
redemption slips away.

Popping the Bubble

Us Veterans and Military Personal can sometimes live in our own little bubble. We are indoctrinated to honor and be loyal to our brothers and sisters no matter what, even above ourselves and families. Sometimes we can even come across as self entitled.

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